Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The new Bachmann BR blue 2 EPB gets the P4 treatment!

The newly released Bachmann 2 EPB (class 416) is a lovely looking model and very accurate, by all accounts (save a numbering issue?). I'd always earmarked one of these for my St. Mary Hoo layout and now that I have one, it is being converted to P4 by yours truly. This is surprisingly difficult to achieve (at the moment) without an Ultrascale conversion wheel set available. The main problem is the lack of room inside the plastic bogie frames for 18.83mm wheel sets, plus if you want to preserve the internal lighting, the existing bogie bearing/pick up system presents a challenge. I've now worked out my own conversion system for this, with working third rail pick up shoes for live third rail. So I will describe all of this soon. Below shows the early stages of destruction... always the worst bit of any conversion job..

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