Friday, July 8, 2011

The 2 EPB takes shape

The 2 EPB stands on its rough looking test track - the eventual third rail set up won't look like this! I temporarily put the body back on the chassis for some photos. As you can see there's lots to do on the model; extra detailing, painting, weathering, refining, etc. However, it all looks promising and runs well. The second photo shows the unit with a slight lean; this is not because of the third rail pick ups (they are too soft to effect any movement on the bogie) it's the extra bogie internal wiring that needs bedding in.

On reflection the pick up cross beam could have been a bit shorter as the pick ups protrude over the outside of the conductor rail a little too much, even though they are in full contact with the rail. I might modify the arrangement before completing the model.

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